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FAQ about The Kingdom of Africa

What is a 5 year pre-paid holiday?

A 5 year prepaid holiday means, you buy the holidays once off, at a set price, and enabling you to go on holiday for 5 consecutive years. In other words, if you have purchased a package, be it midweek, weekend or peak holiday season, you can enjoy your holiday for 5 years at no extra cost for these 5 years.

What is an off-plan holiday resort?

The word off-plan means that the resort is still under construction and the proceeds from the sale of holiday packages will be used to build the resort, giving you, the initial investor the 5 year benefit that will not be available to those that are not part of the initial “off plan” members.

Is the money I pay towards the off-plan resort safe?

Yes, it is 100% safe. All the money paid to secure your 5 consecutive years of vacation time is kept in a trust account belonging to the Vardakos Attorneys group. Vardakos Attorneys have been appointed to oversee all the legalities of the project. As the resort is developed, funds will be drawn from the attorneys account, to further the development you are invested in. The same governance and procedures applicable to other off plan projects within South Africa will be apply to this project, giving you peace of mind that your investment will remain secure.

When will Phase 1 be completed?

Phase 1 of The Kingdom Of Africa will be complete and ready for occupation by our investors during the second week of December 2021. We will also be opening to non-members at this time.

Can a non-member also enjoy a holiday at The Kingdom of Africa?

Yes. Preference however, will be given to you, our investors that have opted to take up the 5 year holiday plan, with each booking.

Is the ablution block easily accessible?

Yes, Caravan / Camp Sites have private ablution facilities at every stand.

Will there be braai facilities?

Yes as well as a private lock up kitchen at every stand.

Are there different payment options?

Yes. A 3-month payment option is seen as cash. Should you require more time, simply complete the “Join the Club” form or send us an e-mail, and we can chat. Please note that on terms exceeding 3 Months, an Admin Fee will be levied.

Is there a “buy by” date to purchase the members benefit packages?

Yes, the 1st phase option is only available till 60% of stands are sold out. This phase is fully self-sufficient.

Are there more phases?

- 2nd and 3rd phases will include chalets, bush huts, hotel, conference and wedding venue.

- these will all be fully independent from one another and self-functioning.

- no cross contamination of guests will be allowed, except to the hotel’s entertainment park which will include restaurants, cinema, water features, horseback riding, game viewing mini-train rides (to accommodate adults), mountain bike rentals etc.

- the hotel however will still have a private pool.

Are certain areas pet friendly?

Yes, in the 1st phase, pets are allowed.

Will there be security/guards/patrolling and medical emergency facilities?

Yes, the premises is kept secure, with patrols and guards, yet your privacy is a priority. There is also EMS as well as a fully functional medical station/clinic and Helli-pad.

Are there hiking trails?

Yes, nature walks, hiking trails, mountain bike trails.

Can my family or friends use my stand if I am unable to occupy it?

Yes, with prior arrangement, it is possible to gift your period to someone. But seeing as you are not bound to a specific week, weekend, or midweek date, it shouldn’t be necessary to lose your break.

Will there be tuck shops?

More than a tuck shop. You should not need to leave the premises once you have arrived.

Will the prices change after 5 years?

Yes, you buy/invest at a magnificently affordable rate, for a 5-year period. Even non-members will not get the rate that members do.

Can I opt out after buying?

Yes, the option to gift or resell your membership to another party is available with, as long as the transaction is handled by our management team to ensure that;

- the price asked is the correct price

- no transaction is done for profit

- owner registration is up to date with our office

- the holiday makers do not run encounter any delays at reception due to incorrect records.

Is there a cooling off period?

No, no sales person is putting pressure on you, this 5-year vacation period is purchased at your own time. You can discuss it with your family/partner at your leisure.

Are there different rates for pensioners/students?

Unfortunately there will not be on any discounted rates on the 5-year package, Pensioner rates will only apply to non-member booking, but will never be less than member rates.

May I cede my plot/stand/yearly vacation option for the remaining period in the event of my demise?

Yes, most definitely, the beneficiary would be named on the purchase agreement. This beneficiary can also be changed, if necessary, in

What would be your course of action in the event of a financial collapse and liquidation of the estate?

We have brought Vardakos Attorneys on board as an independent third party to ensure your investment in secure and safe.

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